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Kofax is committed to helping create stronger, lasting customer relationships. That can be challenging in today’s world, where customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect ease-of-use, intuitive self-service and fast response. They demand collaboration, a voice, and visibility into the process. And they want to engage on their terms, on their device—from anywhere and at any time.

Kofax helps meet these expectations by transforming the First Mile™ of engagement—the initial information-intensive interactions an individual has with your organization—and making them simple, fast and error-free.

Whether it’s onboarding a new customer, processing a claim, admitting a patient, processing a transcript or administering benefits—through automation, Kofax software lowers costs, speed processing times and increases responsiveness. You are then able to provide a higher level of customer service and gain a competitive advantage.

We combine capture, process and content management, collaboration, search, analytics to create an essential connection between your systems of engagement (the modern ways customers interact with your organization) and systems of record (the legacy applications that run your businesses).

This powerful capability enables you to capture information from virtually any source and make it available instantly, wherever it’s needed. Our software then resolves inconsistencies, requests and captures missing or trailing information, facilitates workflow steps like acquiring necessary e-signature approvals, and exports the results into the appropriate repositories and systems. It even includes customizable collaboration and communication capabilities to provide your customers personalized, seamless and secure digital engagement.

Transform customer engagement. Grow revenue. Reduce costs. Enhance service. Improve business agility.

Kofax – making the First Mile of business smarter.