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We’re a global technology company. We’re hungry for the future.

Welcome to Kodak Alaris. Formed in 2013, we’re an independent, global technology company on a mission to unlock the power of images and information for businesses and consumers.

Our digital scanners and intelligent state of the art software services help companies unlock the potential of data and information so they can achieve more. Our film, photographic paper, printing kiosks and suite of consumer apps helps consumers tap into the emotional power of the moments that define all our lives.

Unlocking potential runs through everything we do. We want to unlock the potential of our employees, inspiring them to find better ways to work, innovate and collaborate. We want to unlock the potential of the businesses we serve, helping them harness the flood of data and information – the hallmark of the 21st century – and turn it into a competitive advantage. We want to unlock the creative potential of consumers, offering them the digital tools that can turn an ordinary photo into a story worth retelling time and again. We want to unlock the potential of our partners because helping them to succeed helps us to succeed, too. And finally we want to unlock the potential of the communities we live and work in, switching on the ambitions and talents of new generations to come.

Unlocking potential is about believing in people. Saying yes to challenges and always trying to find a better way. It’s about a creative and can do spirit that is glass half full for the future. It’s about seeing the potential in every person, every situation, every opportunity. And the more potential we can unlock, the more power we can create.