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Product Warranty | Terms & Conditions

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Fujitsu document scanners are designed, manufactured, marketed and supported by PFU Limited and its subsidiaries worldwide (hereafter “Fujitsu”). PFU Limited is a Fujitsu group company. Fujitsu warrants that the product is manufactured from high quality parts that conform to Fujitsu published specifications. They are free from material defects and perform in accordance with their specifications. Fujitsu cannot and does not warrant error free or uninterrupted operation of the product

Warranty Period and Validity.

Warranty service is valid from the date of the original purchase of the product by the end user. The validity period of the warranty as indicated in section 5. Any warranty repair or replacement of the product will not extend the original warranty period. Alteration, defacing or removal of the product’s original factory label containing the product’s unique serial number will invalidate the warranty.

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Software distributed by Fujitsu as part of the product bundle or package is not warranted under this warranty, but is warranted in the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the software. Details of the EULA can be found on the CD-Rom containing the software or can be viewed during the installation of that software.

Proof Of Purchase & Warranty Registration.

Fujitsu reserves the right not to provide the warranty unless proof of purchase can be provided. The sales receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase, serial number, and product number. Fujitsu provides an online warranty registration service to enable users to register their product(s). If the product is not registered within the first 30 days from purchase, proof of purchase in the form of the sales receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase, serial number and product number will be required to request service under the terms of this warranty.