Company Profile

EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd and EnGenius International was established since 1995 as a sales, service and marketing hub for Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Africa and Africa, and CIS. To serve business partners efficiently in this region, a warehouse and technical lab was set-up in Singapore and Dubai to achieve a close working relationship with regional partners in developing a strong and stable distribution channel.


EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd has created many new business opportunities for regional partners with new products and development. It supports the industry’s most comprehensive product line for enterprise WLANs, combining the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver secure, scalable, high performance WLANs with low total cost of ownership.


EnGenius is positioned as a wireless solution provider founded on a strong background in the research and development. Products are designed for enterprise and industrial market providing wireless data & voice communications in demanding business environments. Current product lines include wireless LAN products & accessories and long range cordless phone.